Since Meg was a kid, music has been her language of choice. After memorizing every song on the Wee Kids Bible tape, she began writing songs in journal form. 

The power of the pen freed her from thoughts, questions, and struggles she wasn't able to communicate otherwise.

Stories, songs, and poetry acted as healing agents in the darkest hours of life. Notebooks and phone files stacked over the years. Despite her introverted nature, her mid-thirties called and said it was time to emerge from the shadows.

Life brought a few truthful souls onto the path to remind her confidence wasn't earned, given by others, or manufactured--it was something practiced. 

Despite being her biggest bully, Meg pushed against the unhealthy thinking patterns that kept her bound for years and began to step into whom she was becoming.


Her biggest motivator is far from fame and accolades, rather she longs to give air to the songs of the broken journey where God never left her side.


And the journey isn't complete; it's only just begun.


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